Setting the Stage

When planning the details of your ceremony it is important to set the stage for your entrance. Often the use of flowers can aid in this process. Not only can they set the tone but also define the space. If your ceremony is in a house of worship you must consider the rules they have when it comes to the use of flowers. Isle candelabras are the most popular and can be easily rented. By adding a small bouquet of flowers to the base it softens the hardness of the wood pews.



If candles are not what you want you can add bouquets to the pew itself.



Or if your venue is using the typical white folding chairs you can just hang off the side to create your isle.


Outside weddings can use a shepherd’s hook to hang bouquets as well.  Take a mason jar, add a wire to the rim, cover the wire with a ribbon and add your bouquet.


Fall is a great time to use lighted white pumpkins that are carved with your monogram or a theme.



Setting your stage is an important consideration in your ceremony planning.

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