Flowers for YOU!

Blog idea: Flowers for YOU!

Working with Brides is always fun for me as it is a chance to find out their style. Often time they bring me pictures or links to look at what they love. This is a wonderful help and helps any designer. But lately I have been thinking about asking what “catalogue” or web site do you go to for your clothes?

Love to shop at Anthropology?

I am guessing you would like a bouquet with a mixture of textures and color tones. Incorporating all kinds of traditional (hydrangea, spray roses, freesia, mums) and not so traditional flowers (seed pods, grasses, feathers).


Love to shop at Ann Taylor?

I am guessing you would want a bouquet made out of your favorite flower. For a sophisticated look, no matter the venue, a bouquet that is predominantly one flower makes a beautiful statement.


Love Neiman Marcus?

I am guessing calla lilies with very long stems are in your bouquet.  This very contemporary look is a fabulous complement to more stylized designs. These lilies come in wonderful color combinations and various sizes so let those creative juices flow.

Love to shop Goodwill?

I have always admired those who can recycle and give something a new life. This might inspire you to have a bouquet of broaches, or a bouquet made of fabric or ribbon flowers.  There are lots of fun ideas for the Green bride in mind.


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