Flowers For Bridesmaids

So you have asked your sister, best friends or future sister in law to be a special part of your special day, picked out a dress for them and now we need to talk flowers for them to carry. Most common is to reflect the colors you have chosen as your palette. Many times it replicates your flowers but in colors rather than whites. In the above picture you see how the brides bouquet is in the background and is mostly white but with the bridesmaids I have added that punch of color that looked fabulous against the chocolate brown dresses they wore for this October wedding.

Lots of times what dictates the flower choice is how many bouquets need to be made. In a wedding I did in June we needed bouquets for 8 so we used a flower that took up a lot of real estate (what I call “big bang for your buck flowers”…like sunflowers, gerbera daisies or dahlias) Even though each bouquet looked large enough for each bridesmaid, they were only created with 5-7 stems to stay within budget.

One last piece of advice when deciding on bouquets for your bridesmaids is scale. The most common design mistake, in all types of design, is scale and proportion and this is true in wedding bouquets as well. If you have a petite bridesmaid keep the size of the bouquet in proportion. Conversely, if you have plus size bridesmaids make sure the bouquets are not too small.






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